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Bosch Distributor O-Ring

VW Part number: 111 905 261

Bosch Distributor O-Ring (Pack of 5)

1 230 251 010 5
VW Part number: 111 905 261

Bosch Fiber Washer For Cast Iron

111 905 259
This goes on top and directly under the base plate which holds the points.

Circlip for Vacuum

VWNOS 1029

Clip Repair Kit

VWNOS 1038

Distributor Felt Wick

1234702008 (VWNOS)
This is felt wick used in the shaft of distributors for lubrication of the shaft. This is made to exact specifications as the original Bosch Wick. These are for the aluminum body distributors. Custom sizes are available at request for no extra charge. Made in the U.S.A.

Distributor Shaft Washer/Spacer/Shim 0.1 MM

VWNOS 1011
Drive Dog Gear is shown for illustration. There is a washer under it. Nice and wide shim. It has more coverage area than the standard OEM shim.